How to know if you’re living sick

Two and a half months ago on my birthday, in a strange land — Iowa — I fell ill with a particularly virulent and nasty intestinal thing. 

It went on for over 12 hours. Though I don’t recommend this kind of slimming method, I came out of the experience with the abs I had in my twenties — from intestinal torture in all its possible gory glory.

I could describe the horrors in detail but I want you to be able to eat again in this lifetime.

Beautificence: The young Hindu couple who managed the roadtel I was in.

They ran out for supplies for me. Twice. 

The wife even took the time to make a concoction for me to drink. A mixture of water, ginger, garlic and masala that was far better than the Gatorade I was sipping one tiny bubble at a time after each stomach thrusting episode.

It was as good as their kindness — it worked!

A couple hours later around 8:30 in the evening, they stopped by my hotel room to ask if they could bring me any food, as they were heading into town. Though food of any kind was a repulsive thought so soon after my troubles, their thoughtfulness will forever warm me when I recall that day. 

. . . . . 

I’m particularly attentive to the landscape when I’m driving. I can go for hours in quiet mode, lost in thought, appreciating the experience, grokking the views.

As I drove the day after, running from rest stop to rest stop — thank you Iowa for having closely-placed rest areas! — I was struck by this thought: 

When you’re sick all that is good in life is out of vision.

Here’s how to know if you’re living a healthy life. 

Are you enjoying what is good and already there every day?

If not, you’re living sick.

Could it be that you are so focused on the attainment of a goal — or a lifestyle — that you can no longer feel the vitality of the universe coursing around you and through you in each moment?

If that is true for you — as it’s been for me in the past — then you are living sick. You’re living closed off from everyday bounties.

When I’m living wellness, I’m bowled over by the richness of life. I easily see the cloaked majesty in people. I feel the treasures of this world in every step and breath. What might seem humdrum is alive to me.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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