How to make an impression

Studio E Gallery has been in business for 20 years.
Recently we took on a young artist, one who is both witty and masterful in his work. 
Within a day or two of his paintings’ arrival we sold a piece. In fact, this happened to both of the new artists we brought in this week. They both sold a painting within 48 hours of coming into the gallery.
See the above flowers?

Josh Brown sent ’em. That young artist we just brought in. These flowers dropped into the gallery the very next day after being notified of the sale.
I’m telling you because this is extraordinary. 
We’ve received email thank yous, even the occasional handwritten note. A very small handful of artists have given members of the team artwork after we’ve made tens of thousands of dollars in sales for them.

But flowers after the very first sale, wow.
It was so wow that Julian β€” people whisperer for Studio E β€” snapped a photo and sent it to the whole team.
We felt beloved. We felt appreciated. We felt all teenage girl infatuated inside.
Remember this in all your dealings: Over-the-top heartfelt displays of appreciation make an impression.
You can never go wrong with a ridiculously excessive thank you. It’s memorable. It’s impactful.  It’s happy making.
Shoot for a moon landing. Put stars in their eyes. Go full Barnum and Bailey if it feels right.
The grand gesture works
Birds on the Beach, Josh Brown
(sold πŸ™‚
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Evan Griffith
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