How to see an Elven soul bubble

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There’s a reason we can’t see Elves. They are out of phase with humans. We live in one spectrum of life frequency . . . while they live in another. Though it’s a little more complex than that.

Elves have a broader resonance spectrum than we do. They can see us clearly when they choose. Not so for us. We humans are denser, slower, heavier, more ponderous. Our frenetic race is weighed down on the life spectrum by our lesser qualities. Elves move too sideways for the human eye.

We think of Elven culture as being medieval. Woods creatures from a Robin Hood era. No — They are an advanced civilization, one that has chosen to live simply, if impishly, one whose technology isn’t apparent.

Now, onward, here’s how to see an Elven soul bubble — because you asked after the last post. Not in droves, mind you. Only one of you asked . . . but the asking demands an answer.

You want to go where the Elves agglomerate themselves. You’ll find them best on a mist-laden morning in a forest or glen. Settle in next to a brook — running water draws them like window panes draw flitting things. Nestle in, with your back to a rock or tree trunk, and close your eyes.

Softly now, listen for laughter coming from the burbling waters. Squeals of it looping in and out of the watery tumbles. Running water cloaks the sounds of the mystery world as completely as rampantly running thoughts inside your head do — so you have to listen closely.

Think of something frolicsome — something impetuous, fun seeking. Maybe something you want to do for giggles.

Now, with mirth in your heart, listen.

When you hear it — the happy making call of tiny laughter — open your eyes. Quickly! Pop them open as if you’re expecting a gift—

If you tuned into Elven harmony, there they will be. Elven soul bubbles wafting from the stream. Each softly luminous bubble is the soul essence of a living Elf, in the form of gently pulsating spheres.

If you’re a happy snappy child, you can skip all this.

Run down to the stream, laugh your kid head off while you twirl around — and then stop! They’ll be singing in your ear and blowing you air kisses. You’ll feel them dancing inside your chest. You can even take one home with you, maybe not for keeps, but at least until bedtime.

Elven soul bubbles
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