How to use drip hypnosis on anyone, even yourself

His studio . . . a bit of it . . . it spills out into the driveway . . .
and into the yard . . . and all over the house . . .
. . . all the way into our gallery . . .
and other galleries across the nation

. . .


Let’s start with the good stuff. He’s living the good life now. It feels good to get that out of the way, doesn’t it? Now we can plow onward with our story . . . You know where it ends, here’s where it starts:

A couple of days ago I was talking to an artist I’ve known 19 years. He was in the first exhibit that opened our gallery, in its original location.

He was dirt poor, living in the woods, doing street festivals. We were the first gallery to take his work beyond his hometown.

Paul did magnificent work on clay vessels . . . beautiful looping abstract designs on contemporary vessels — yet he could barely make ends meet. Every phone call was a monetary complaint.

It dawned on me that he should also be doing two-dimensional work. Artwork for walls. Because what he did would work just as well on flat surfaces. It was that compelling.

Over the course of two or three years, every time he’d call to complain about not having enough money I’d suggest he add two-dimensional work to his output.

It was like slow, steady-drip hypnosis . . . I just kept mentioning it.

Finally he took a stab in that direction. Then another stab or two.

Fast forward to today — he’s easily worth $1.5 to $2 million. His two-dimensional work outsells his three-dimensional work by a factor of probably 100.

(Of course he’s forgotten all the years of suggestions! But hypnosis works that way . . . all of a sudden it feels like this great idea explodes in your brain . . . and the seed source is forgotten . . . : -)

It works on others given enough time. Imagine what it could do for you?

Steady-drip hypnotize yourself to where you want to go.

Why not? You’re already doing it with the things you don’t want in your life. You steady drip those thoughts into your day.

How do I know? Because I catch myself all the freaking time.

Steady-drip hypnosis. Of something wildly good.

Let’s you and me do it daily. We’ll compare notes in five years.

Let’s give ourselves something to talk about.


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