How to visit someone in the hospital

Heidi Reiff shows you how.

If you read this post you know a boot-camp exercise program sent my wife to the hospital (for six days). It was serious, this Rhabdomyolysis.

On Sunday Ann had a bad day. She awoke with a migraine and it only got worse for the first two-thirds of the day. She was depleted.

Around 2 in the afternoon Heidi stopped in unexpectedly. She came in, she commiserated  in the most lighthearted way! Her upbeat nature lifted us up too. Fifteen minutes later she left.

Her visit was compassionate, caring and quick. It didn’t take energy from Ann, it boosted her. In fact I triangulate Ann’s better last third of the day as beginning right there.

When you’re hospitalized you’re there for a reason. You have no energy, you’re discomforted, decimated, a bit addled even. Compassion can be shared in fifteen minutes. Uplift too. Laughter especially.

And believe me, if the patient wants you to stay longer they will beg you to stay. Otherwise, pull a Heidi, breeze in, waft your uplift all around the room like some kind of personal smudging, and then vamoose. That punctuated connection is the best medicine.

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