However you can (The answer to a question you’re asking)

yoga in the morning in an Austin Texas hotel

How do you start something?

How do you fit something new into your life?

How do you do what is most important to you when the exigencies of the world conspire against you?

However you can. Whenever you can. In whatever way you can.

The simple act of doing it — whatever your It is — opens the space you need in life to do It more.

It’s as true of first love as it is of any love as it is of writing as it is of friendship as it is of exercise as it is of quilting or woodworking or OmJah talking or truancy or living below your own standards.

Doing It opens the door to more of It.

How do you practice yoga in the morning when you’re on the road traveling from art oasis to art oasis and your schedule is relentless?

You fit it in the smallest of spaces. Ten minutes often leads to twenty minutes. Fifteen minutes sometimes unfolds itself to thirty.

(And you’re off and running . . . .)


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