A hundred or so years into the quantum revolution

By now, a hundred or so years into the quantum revolution, you’ve heard of some of the fantastical claims ultra-teeny physics is making:

  • a subatomic unit can be particle or wave (solid like an impossibly tiny pea or insubstantial like a radio signal)
  • two of these little ghostly units can be a solar system apart — a universe apart! — and have instantaneous communication between them
  • the act of observing influences the outcome (!) (really, think about it)
  • and so much more that enchants and confounds the brain
The Great Field

I was trotting along in The Great Field by John James (PhD in case you care) when I came across this mesmerizing bit of information about (supposedly) empty space:

We now know that even in the emptiest space possible there lies an all-pervasive field of energy, a field so enormous that where there should be a total cessation of activity, it still contains more energy than all the matter in the universe put together. The quantity of energy is so staggering that it beggars understanding. It is not just ten or a thousand times greater, but 1040 times. This is enough to create an infinite number of universes like the one we are expending all our efforts to understand . . . .

I’ve read this in a number of books, put in different contexts, and it always blows the top off my mind. Richard Feynman, the impish physicist, put it another way: there’s so much energy in a small slice of (seemingly) empty space that, could we harvest it, we could boil the oceans. Not that we’d want to.

The new spirituality speaks of Energy, a living information soul love current undergirding all that is. If empty space contains energy unimaginable, how much greater is the Energy from which you come? How much greater is the Energy you can access? How much greater is the Soul Energy Life Force you can tap . . . and flow . . . to powerful effect . . . . 

Note: It was purely accidental that the mashup of terms in the last sentence yielded the acronym SELF . . . or was it?! (Insert wink, wink from the Universe here.)

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