I am love drunk by the way life energy moves

An example:

Yesterday I went back to a yoga class after a long-time absence. Afterward a friend and I ate breakfast at a dive-type diner. 
We were conversing about yoga and a Jewish friend and her connection to Unity. My friend Michael is Jewish also and wondered aloud why the attraction to Unity . . . I was stumbling trying to offer up thoughts about Unity . . . when a couple at the table next to us asked if it was OK to barge into the conversation.
They were long-time Unity revelers — and also practiced yoga at the Kula Yoga Shala where we’d just come from. (They were musicians to boot.) (And he looked like Richard Branson’s even happier twin brother.)
Fifteen minutes of conversation that fizzed like a fine champagne ensued. 
As the woman said at one point: “Consciousness is changing!”
Things like this keep happening: 

Perfectly-placed diner mates  

A friend reaching out just when I needed to hear from him most 

This past weekend I put a note in my planner about volunteering locally  and I received a call from friends who badly needed help this week with pets while they were away 

Little wonders I don’t even understand burst into my experience (like this) . . . . 

How can you not be mind-blown intoxicated with the workings of the universe when you become lovingly attentive?!

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