I choose this (a rededication of purpose)

Written in the mountains of Virginia, frustrated with my journey, after a bitch of a few days. Scrawled really, on a 5 x 8 pad as I carved around those turns:

I am done with struggle — I choose a higher path.

I choose ease . . . . I choose delight. I choose inspiration and pluck.

I choose secret giving and open-hearted sharing.

I choose acceptance. I choose your right to be who you want to be.

I choose relationships that matter.

I choose expansive. I choose vibrant. I choose fulfilling.

I choose what is engaging and enlivening.

I choose amazingness regardless of circumstance.

I choose radical appreciation. Of life now, as it is.

I choose the mystic way.

I choose the extraordinary ordinary, every day.

I choose connection — to you, to wonder, to OmJah spirit.

And . . . I choose to create what will be.

I choose to better embody my ideals.

I choose to better live my aspirations.

I choose to expressify.

I choose to glow, even when the spark is flickering—


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