I don’t care what the Mayans say: 2012 will be a good year

We give the ancients too much credit. The Mayans couldn’t even keep it together until the Spanish invasion, so they couldn’t have been that prescient. 

Some in modernity are afflicted with a hero worship for the ancients. They were canny and smart and adaptable, or else we wouldn’t be here — but possessing the wisdom of the cosmos?

I’m fairly sure they tired of chiseling stone and put down their tools. That just happened to be 2012. If they’d taken a dinner break a little earlier the world might have perished in 1732. If they’d been more industrious the world might have gone on another 5,126 years . . . .

So then, why will 2012 be a good year? Because we will it. Because we’re fed up with the down cycle and we — collectively — are giving it the heave ho, the way we always do to down cycles. We tire of them. We get sick of the dreariness, and we refuse to accept it anymore. 

We go out and create something new. We go out and buy that party dress. We go forth and innovate. We put into motion a trillion little endeavors that then seek to be realized. You can’t stop the force put in motion by a trillion clamoring ideas. 

I’m still walking the dog today, an idea of my wife’s I tried to quash . . . evidence you can’t stop an idea whose time has come.

A new story is being born. The trillion endeavors will rise up and create a new momentum. You know what we’ll call that in the near future? A very good year.


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