I don’t know who you are . . . but thank you

In the past three months the viewership for The World Is Freaky Beautiful has quadrupled. That means I don’t know who most of you are. (Except that you are fantastically hip and refreshingly exploratory individuals . . . . )

Thank you for coming here. Repeatedly.

Thank you from my exuberantly messy soul.

Thank you from my playfully earnest heart, for passing this on to your friends and associates. For making it the success it’s becoming.

While I’m at it, let me thank a few others

Aw, heck, why not? This is a good time to thank all those I don’t know who’ve bettered my world. This includes you, person-who-first-thought-of-putting-insulation-on-wires so my home doesn’t burn down.

It also includes you, people-who-bring-us-indoor-plumbing — this is massively convenient. And time saving. We don’t spend time any more ridding ourselves of chigger infestations. (For those who don’t know about chiggers, it’s just as well, they’re a nasty, bitey sort.)

There are so many of you to thank and these thank yous I’ve managed so far have already exhausted me, so you’ll have to thank yourselves, quietly please, as I turn out the lights and head off to bed.

But truly, thank you.

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