I dreamt of giving my car away

For more than a year I dreamed of giving my car away. It was a targeted wish. I wanted to give it to someone on our gallery team who travels to and from work via bicycle.

Even though it wasn’t even on the possibility radar, because we’re so heavy into debt paydown now that we are blazing a comeback story worthy of Oprah . . .  I would still find myself getting lost in how cool it would be.

From time to time I would catch myself daydreaming about handing over the keys. You’ve probably had those kinds of reveries sneak up on you too. They’re almost too enjoyable to keep at bay, even if they seem unrealistic.

I didn’t understand this then — when you dream of doing something good for others, it activates something amazing in your own life. In fact, the good it activates in your own life very specifically makes room for the good you are entertaining in your mind.

Surprise — but maybe no surprise if you’ve been reading the posts on this site — a car was given to us. Really, a magnificent car. 

We own an art gallery. Our vehicles have always been more utilitarian in nature, as capable of hauling sandy ten-year olds away from the beach as they were of transporting artwork over to a client’s home. 

This new car is stylish, luxurious, the nicest vehicle we’ve ever owned. Opulent even. Our son named it Fancy. 

It was completely utterly astoundingly unexpected. 

Though there is so much more to this story than I can convey here, including the extraordinary largesse of spirit from those dear ones who gifted it to us . . . the receiving of this vehicle enabled me to give mine away, just as I’d been fantasizing.

Go ahead — dream of how you’ll contribute. It only hastens your ability to do so. 

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