“I enjoyed my spiritual moment”

An attractive blonde woman maybe ten years younger than myself blew through the gallery last week — 

“So much creativity out there!” 

She was fairly chirping as she beheld first one piece then another. She reveled out loud as she passed various artists’ work.
We chatted a little about some of the artists, who they were, their processes, their quirks. On she went with her quick tour, cycling back around past the desk.
As she departed she called out:

“Have a great day  I enjoyed my spiritual moment.”

Isn’t that at the core what we’re seeking? The creative spiritual moment. This woman recognized it — and amplified it in her brief time visiting.

Simply engaging in wonder is creative. Simply engaging — freshly, alively, meaningfully, funly, sunnily — what else do you want from a moment? From a life?

For you 

Evan Griffith
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