I had to stop reading about Zen so I could be Zen

The people you know are profound! The wisdom you seek can be found in the thoughts around you. And, of course, you too are a sage at times to those you know.

I had to stop reading about Zen so I could be Zen.

                                                              ~ Gil Vega

This was a quick thought from a friend in conversation. It’s true I’ve waited decades for him to utter something meaningful* . . . . but patience rewards blahbitty blahbitty bloo (hoping you’ve read the footnote by now).

But what implications are in that thought: to experience — fully — one must put aside instruction.

We all have our own loose ideas of what Zen means to us. To me, Zen is full engagement. A pure absorption in what I am doing-experiencing, without distraction. 

If you are talking, you are talking with that person you are with, full on. 

If you are walking, you are the embodiment of walking, the essence of walking itself! 

If you are stalking . . . . well, you really shouldn’t be stalking . . . . 

To clutter one’s mind with too much theory is to muddy experience. 

So Zen on with your impish self! Stop Internetting, go Zen out. 

* So kidding.

More, if you’re into reading Zen right now . . . 

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