I just took a possibility bath

I just took a possibility bath . . . but was this close to wallowing in a pity soak.

Every creator goes through this. Too many things going on . . . with some critical elements lagging. It’s a side effect of success.

I was submerging into the bathwater feeling the pang of unfinished projects. Then another part of my mind called a halt to that. 


This other, wiser part of my mind stopped my derailed train of thought . . . and suggested this: 

Make every bath you take a possibility bath

As long as you’re in the water, only let your mind drift onto what you want. Not the problems you perceive.

Then this more tuned-in part of me suggested, After the bath you can let yourself sludge through thoughts that make you feel crappy

It winked, I think — this other part of my mind.

So I did. It was surprisingly easy. I was in a deep warm bath afterall. And knowing it was only for as long as I was in the water gave it a time limit. I can only take so much bath.

And yet apparently I can take much more of the thoughts that are aligned with where I want to go. Because they kept rolling. They’re rolling now. As that smarty-pants part of my self knew they would be.

So now I’ve got a new ritual. You might want to try it too. Dream baths. Where you let your daydreams rip.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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