I know giants!

You can be a giant in physics and not even be noticed in beach volleyball.

In this Internet world, it’s easier than ever to be a giant in your favorite niche. Look at me — I’m an Internet giant on the subject of Evan’s mental flotsam.

If you’re not in commerce or some other endeavor out there in the world where the world takes notice, you can and probably are a giant in someone’s personal life. Or you can become one.

Or you can become a giant on your block or neighborhood — or for the old codger down the street.

You get to choose your gianthood. You might even name your giant self for fun. I use Sheldrake.

The world is in need of giants. Giants are needed on the playground, giants are craved by neighbors, giants are required in the social arena where ranting and divisiveness reign. I know many giants. There are giants all around me. I’m inspired by these giants, in my family, amongst my friends, in the world — to grow myself. To grow myself someday — in some arena —  into a giant.

I know giants

I know giants who make everyone feel amazing in their presence (Harley!). I know giants with a dedication to kids that is otherworldly (my brother!). I know energetic giants of connection (Kelly!) (it used to be you Russell). I know giants in listening to signs from their soul telling them to be still (Russell 2.0!). I know giants of creative re-invention (David Langley!). I know giants in teaching the experience of meditation (Anthony Amrhein!). I know giants in personal growth despite the loss of loved ones (Dorrie!). I know yoga giants and play in the shadow of their knowledge (Holly Briscoe! Melissa Kramer!). I know giants of compassion (Jeannine!). I know giants of spiritual determination (T-chele!). I know giants in the use of exclamation points (me) (!).

I know giants. And so do you. You probably are one and may not even recognize your giant-tude.

If not, choose to be a giant somewhere in your life. Sheldrake would like a playmate.

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