I met a tree

This week I met an unforgettable tree. Yes, the tree was immense, the size of a large home. Yes, the tree was ensconced within a tropical wonderland. But it was the spirit of the tree that beckoned.

As my Mom (MomJo!) kept saying:

This tree is sacred.

There was a hushed awe(someness) there. There was a feeling of eternal connection there. You couldn’t help but feel the reverence in the air, for all things green and still and rooted.

Some day I will return to that tree for a unique meditation experience. I’d like to bring some special others with me, so that the power of a few can be amplified in the presence of the spirit of that tree.

. . . . . 

Banyan trees are noted for their aerial prop roots, long viny tendrils that drop down from branches as the tree grows. These vine-like roots make their way to the ground, where they dig in and over time grow to become trunk-like in their proportions.

So when you’re standing a little apart from the tree it is like looking at a grove of tree trunks, all connected to the same limbs above.

Like this:

We felt its spirit because of its enormity. It could not be denied. Yet I also know . . . that every little thing has that same energy pervading it, in different hues and tones. I need only slow down and tune in.

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