I send you a quiet thought

I send you quiet love.

Sometimes I beam love like a firehose.

Not today.

Sometimes it is just a whisper, a nod in your direction, like a soft
hey . . .

Since our light speaks, I know the communication is received. At what level, I cannot say.

is what I am training my quiet self to do more of. To send forth
thought from the highest sphere. In moments of interaction, in moments
of passing.

We live in a thought-verse, a universe of entangled thought,
ours, others, everyone’s. We know thought
influences life forms (read Lynn McTaggert for a delicious romp through
the science that tells us so).

I am asking myself to be conscious
of the thought web I spin . . .

To impart a seed of goodness, who knows how it grows, where it lands, whither it goes, what awesomeness may come of it?

The world we want to inhabit may be just a thought away.


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