I want Alan Watts’ hair

I want Alan Watts’ hair.

I want Bear Grylls’ daring.

I want Richard Branson’s exuberance. (His hair is kind of cool too; it’s . . . insouciant.)

I want Kardashian fame, where you’re paid magnificently just for being you, skipping through your days.

I want the ease of an heiress . . . with the insight of a poet . . . topped off with the audacity of an explorer.

Nahhh, not really.

It proved difficult to write the above wants . . . . Because I want so little, I had to make them up! 

<mischievous grin>

I want my bald(ish) head.

I’m enamored with my patchwork life.

My life is peopled with creative souls. 

I have riches beyond compare, at my mind’s fingertips . . . 

My work and my relationships and my challenges compel their own brand of soul adventure.

What I want most I already have.

Probably you too, if you examine closely.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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