I want those 4.5 hours back

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Researchers estimate we lose 28 percent of an average workday to multitasking ineffectiveness.

~ Gary Keller, The One Thing

Assuming you sleep 8 hours a day and you are awake 16 hours of the day, that means you lose up to 4.5 hours a day from multi-tasking.

Jeezy criminy crickets — that’s a colossal amount of waste.

Even assuming you’re not attempting to multi-task throughout most of your day, simply gaining one hour back is so significant it’s as if you add years to your life. 

Not at the end of your days when you are enfeebled. But now, when you are capable, bursting with vigor, ever ready to swat down drones and whatever other obstacles may be in your way.

Single tasking has never sounded so sexy.

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Evan Griffith
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