I want to give somebody hope today (a primer on what works)

I’ve come through a great tribulation in the past four years. I’ve also come through a great jubilation. My worst times and my best times coincided. 

Yours can too.

If you are undergoing a severe challenge, I urge you this:

Try everything!

Try prayer  it works.

Try meditation  it’s a portal.

Try affirmations  they buck you up.

Try visualization  done with a light heart there’s nothing better.

Try writing it down, your issues and your vision  the steps forward come into view.

Try asking, yourself, your power  answers come.

Try community, a group, a master mind  uplifters uplift.

Try reading that which inspires you — it nourishes.

Try walking, movement, physicality — it burns out the toxicity.

Try finding the good everywhere  it draws it forth.

Try love  it opens your heart, which opens your mind, which lets your wide-open soul come through.

Try everything  the way emerges.

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