I won something

This post is at heart a thanks to you, all of you who subscribe to The World Is Freaky Beautiful email newsletter — and pass it on to others.

For the second year in a row The World Is Freaky Beautiful has been recognized as being among the top 10% of Constant Contact newsletters. 

This award is based on three criteria:

  1. Open Rate — the percentage of subscribers who open the newsletter.
  2. Subscriber Growth Rate — the percentage rate of growth in the total subscriber count.
  3. Click-Through Rate — the percentage of people who click on links in any given email newsletter. 

These metrics have been robust enough to propel The World Is Freaky Beautiful into the top 10% for the past two years. 

Constant Contact uses these measurements to judge engagement. In effect they are asking this question:

How engaging is the newsletter service provided?

I’m grateful to all of you who subscribe — and then apparently enjoy the newsletter enough to open it. Repeatedly.

Constant Contact is one of the big email newsletter services, servicing tens of thousands of accounts. What an honor. All because of you. 

Because I can’t quite do it from here . . . give yourself a hug. You’ve earned it. You made it happen. I would if I could — I’d reach out and hug the hell out of you. I’d shake you all around and we’d do the happy dance together. You’d beg me to stop, so it’s all for the good that I’m at a remote screen far, far away.

(Though truly and with soul passion, I thank you.)

For those of you not yet subscribed to this occasional and apparently fast-growing newsletter, click here for notes to your inbox on creativity + spirituality + whee.

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