I wrote yesterday’s post before it happened

Here’s why. 

If you read the post  Today we climbed a tree (and no one got hurt)  then you ticked through some of the mishaps adventuring begot.

Since writing it down helps clarify expectations for an experience about to unfold, then why not write about what an enjoyable lark it will be? With safety thrown in to boot.

I’m finding some kind of shamanic power in writing things down. Simply having written it . . . relaxes me . . . into a relishing of Experience, however it chooses to unfurl itself. 

When I wrote yesterday’s post about a frolicsome experience with my son before it happened, once I finished I bolted out of the chair restless to participate in this thing, however it might go.

All went as written, meaning safely and funly  exceptionally funly  though my muscles are aching today. 

You wouldn’t think that climbing a tree for 45 minutes would do that to you, would you, yet there it is, exercise better than barbells.

Posts about writing it out and having it happen:

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Today we climbed a tree (and no one got hurt)
In the quiet, a life changed