I yessed it up that week: Yes, yes, yessy yes

There was a week this past year when I had a thought and said, why not, yes. I was inspired by Travis Thomas (30 Days of Yes).

A day later, while bicycling, I saw a yellow and red grasshopper  magnificent creature  crisp in its body armor. I said yes to it and managed at the last moment not to run over it. 

Another time, my boy ran in asking for a pillow  I was comfortably piled up in my favorite yoga posture  Nap Pose  yet, how could I not say yes?!

Somewhere in the week I said yes to something new. Our joy boy, who snacks on it from time to time, convinced me  and a friend of his  to try dog food.

His winning debate: how could we condemn it if we hadn’t tried it? 

(We did run screaming to the nearest sink to spew it out, yecky blecky ewww! How does the dog eat that s*!t? How does Zane?!)

I said yes to many things.

But no to drugs
except Mountain Dew. And Ann. My two drugs of choice. For those, yes, yes, yessy yes.

I yessed it up that week  yes, yes and yes!

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