If meditation doesn’t float your boat . . . three alternatives

Meditation isn’t for everyone, just like sex isn’t for everyone. It’s hard to believe but it happens.

If you’re among that cohort . . . you’ve tried it, you don’t get what everyone’s yammering on about, I get it. I have people in my life who think running excruciating distances is cool. And they seem to think I should do it too. With them. Next Saturday.

Check out these three alternatives to meditation that will bring you to a similar space:

Uno: Walking

Alone. A walking buddy is fine when your intention is comaraderie while exercising. As soon as you add a compadre you’ve jettisoned the meditative quality no matter how much you bliss each other out.

Without artificial sound. No earphones, music, cell phones, Pleiadian communicators.

Twenty to thirty minutes. The tempo over time lulls you into an otherworldly place, that place where you sidestep your active mind and open the stargate into your inner wormhole.

Notice things. Once you begin to note and notice, you can’t help but appreciate  and we all know where that leads  more appreciation!

Dos: Repetitive motion

I know these are the first two words in a dreaded modern dysfunction, so hear me out. Decades ago I read about how an ice tribe entered an altered state  it was the Inuit I believe (confirmation pending) (confirmation may be pending for some time).

An individual sat, took a stone or implement and carved a circle lightly in front of him/her in the ice . . . and continued to lightly trace the circle, repetitively.

I’ve done this in the dirt with a stick, my god it’s its own kind of intoxication after a while. You let your mind go into the circular motion . . . and before you know it your mind has gone entirely, in a good way.


Tres: Fondling

I honestly couldn’t think of a better description, though I know there must be. It’s suggestive I’ll grant you, the title, but the process is not.

Here it is: Pick up a stone or shell or smallish object that easily lays in the palm of your hand, something whose texture intrigues you, be it smooth or feathery or pitted or uneven. Better yet, pick up a spirit stone! Ooooh.

Fondle it. Run it between your fingers. Trace it’s contours. Feel it, engage with it, palm it, enjoy it. Turn it over in your hands, find its mystery, it’s a portal into your own.

You perhaps have noticed by now there’s a commonality between the three methodologies and it’s not my overly suggestive languaging.

It’s rhythmic motion. It’s rhythmic motion that draws you out of yourself and into a deeper, wider experience.

This is what you’re after afterall. You want to soar aloft, beyond the mental fray. Try one of the above sometime, just for the fun of it. Any one of these methods can be a slipstream into the Stream of All That Is Good.

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