If on my grave it says “Here lies a lousy artist” . . .

Ann and the artist Dorrie Koller were talking about art and the act of
creating art (arting) one day. Ann was going along this track, that she
was daunted to even call herself an artist because she was surrounded by
exceptional artists in the gallery, artists who stunned and awed her in
their mastery.
Dorrie responded thusly: 
“If on my grave it says Here lies a lousy artist . . . at least it has artist in it. We can’t all be Picassos.”
Her point — just doing it is the honor and the adventure. Just doing it is being it. Forget others, forget perceptions.*
Are you doing it? What you want to do? Then you are it.
I have only one criteria for calling yourself anything: that you are doing it — whether it is daily or weekly — you are doing it.

* I use “forget”
euphemistically here, the way Cee Lo Green used “Forget You” for the
sanitized radio-play version of his viral, more graphically-named hit

This site is kind of, sort of, radio friendly too. I might say crap, I might say hot damn, but f**k if I can bring myself to go any further than that here. I seem to be saving that for my potty mouth.  

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