If you don’t believe you can do things with the power of your mind . . .

“If you don’t believe you can do things with the power of your mind, then you haven’t been in our bedroom at 3 in the morning.” 

This is a direct quote from my wife Ann. Not about our late-night sexual escapades, as you and I both would relish a post on this subject — we have a son and a business and we’re asleep then! This is about our dog Bodhi.

It’s about our big ole dog staring at us till we wake up and take him out. He doesn’t whimper, he doesn’t put a paw up, he doesn’t bark, he doesn’t jangle about — there’s just an eerie silhouette of a dog staring at you as you awaken, as he’s beckoned you to do.

We’ve marveled at this. He will sit there patiently for minutes, till you sense him . . . and stir . . . and then try to shoo him over to your mate to take out.

Mind power marvels

I am sure if we looked around we’d find daily doses of mind power in action. Amongst friends and family and cohorts.

That person who suddenly decided to get in shape — and you can see the shape shifting before your eyes within weeks.

That woman I met who overnight changed herself from dour to sunny — and it stuck. She was effortlessly alive and vibrant a year later.

That time last year when I was thinking of a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a decade or more — and she called as if I’d just alerted her — as I was leaving Santa Fe, her town!

How are these things possible? We can only surmise. But the power is there.

How do you want to use yours today?

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