If you need encouragement . . . .

. . . I’m here to encourage you.

You have resources beyond understanding. This down moment can be a springboard into awareness. What is it, this feeling you’re feeling? 

What can you glean from this moment? Clarity about where you’re at is a thing of power. I’ve found one of the quickest ways to pivot is to first acknowledge truly, deeply, exactly where I’m at. There’s a haunting transcendence to feeling a low without pushing against it.

From there, it’s easier to conjure where I want to be. To feel that future pull. To accept that right now it is what it is . . . and yet . . . it’s not what it will be

Once you feel something fully, something dark, without trying to calve off from the reality of it, it’s surprisingly easy to let it go. I wish I could credit the one who spoke this truth to me, but I think it was many. I heard it from too many sources to ignore. 

In acceptance there is release. In release you find buoyancy. In buoyancy there is hope, and then a way forward.

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Have you written it down yet, your dream?