“I’m all about the Divine Feminine these days”

At Changing Times, a spiritual center and bookstore, Jeannine Perlman found herself picking up a book several times and glancing at it. The book was about a revered Hindu saint named Sri Anandamayi Ma.

Sri Anandamayi Ma translates as the bliss-permeated mother. In that phrase you can almost feel the spirit warmth she imparted to others in her lifetime.

Witnessing Jeannine circle the book, her friend Nancy said: “Oh yeah, she’s calling to you.”

How do you know something’s calling to you when you don’t have an astute friend around to point it out? Just that, you keep noticing it. You find yourself drawn back. It might feel like a slight tug of consciousness. A curiosity flickers.

“I’m all about the Divine Feminine these days,” Jeannine says. It’s a result of embracing some of the teachings brought forth by Sri Anandamayi Ma. “I’ve embraced spiritual yoga through her.”

“Most of the other saints and sages are male. This was a woman who came into this world enlightened and she bucked her own culture in many ways, especially in terms of initiating women as followers.” 

“Her teachings are for women as well as for men, which was not the tradition before then in her area of Hinduism.”

It is through the example of Sri Anandamayi Ma and others that Jeannine finds herself wanting to “be all in” spiritually. An embodiment, an example, is sometimes all you need to draw you further into your own path.

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