I’m a fool

I’m a fool and I don’t care who knows it  

I am a fool for lovin’ this life  

I am a fool for  you  I believe in you without having met you* 

I am a fool for profound conversation as much as I’m a fool for the willy nilly and the loosey goosey 

I’m a fool for the everpresent surprise in the moment 

And I’m a fool for heartache as long as it’s meaningful  and if it’s heartache, it’s meaningful 

I’m a fool for randomness, I’m a fool for order, I’m a fool for the electricity between chaos and organization 

I’m a fool for hushed civility in the library, the monastery, the public bathroom 

Every time I pretend wise my foolishness is proven the more. So I toss off all pretense of knowing and throw myself recklessly, foolishly, into the Magnificent Mystery  

I’m a fool for flings of love, abandonment to passion, giving all for principle 

I’m a fool for fools like me

* . . . without having met most of you. I’m a fool for those of you I know too!

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