I’m learning, I’m learning . . .

I’m learning to want for someone what they want for themselves.

You’d think it would be easy. You’d think the only people who’d have difficulty with this would be employers and parents.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Take John Marshall. He who lived in a camper on our property. The camper is still here but the ever-exploring John Marshall is not. He’s moved in with his girlfriend.

He’s abandoned the camper!

Well, not exactly the camper but he has abandoned camper living for now. And I’m bumming. I want John Marshall to be the clever free spirit making deals to live off the grid in the most mobile way imaginable.

The thing is, John Marshall doesn’t want that anymore. I do this repeatedly, want someone else to live an ideal I’ve set in my mind for them.

I’m learning, I’m learning . . . 

If I learn it well — this lesson of allowing others their choices utterly and completely — then our son Zane will be amazed a couple decades down the line how freely I let him choose his way.

Check in with him in 2034. He’ll let you know.

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