Immobility comes from immobility

I believe in sweat therapy. 

                ~ Russell Harris

Immobility comes from immobility!

This may seem nonsensical, or circular thinking. But I discovered it to be true when I went on the road for a year and a half to help save our business.

You quickly discover when you drive long hours that you acquire instant arthritis — or conditions mirroring the symptoms of arthritis.

You ache, you can’t easily move your joints, it’s as if you’ve aged by decades. This all happens within hours! 

You’ve experienced it too. You didn’t have to go on the road for weeks at a time to confirm this in your own experience. If you’ve driven for one long day you’ve felt this same aging effect. If you’ve driven for several long days then you may have even felt like your grandma upon getting out at a rest stop.

It was only upon witnessing this immobility-leading-to-immobility effect up close that penetrated into real awareness for me. If I want to be flexible for life, I must move and move often. The body is not meant to be constrained. The body is meant to move freely, often.

It’s so simple, for a long, agile life, move. Move often.


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