Impress yourself: Artist and illustrator Trip Park

Blues Traveler by Trip Park

Artist and illustrator Trip Park has a philosophy from his advertising days that demands to be passed on. 

Listen in on a tiny slice of an interview Julian Casanetti of Studio E Gallery conducted with Trip:

Julian: Is there anything specific you learned while in advertising that you apply regularly in your process? 

Trip Park: To not get emotional or bogged down by what you’re doing; I take it one piece at a time and try to impress myself with each piece.

This advice is so timeless in its applicability it feels eternal.

What I admire most about this response is the zen two-step of it.

First  Don’t become burdened by what you’re trying to create. 

Second  Forget externals, impress yourself!

Said another way: Create without attachment; thrill yourself.

If you can create with a light heart . . . and if you can inspire yourself . . . then you’re on the path of creativity. Once you’ve stepped on that path, the adventure will unfold on its own accord.

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