In a creative house

In a creative house the dishes aren’t always done. The laundry piles up. Things don’t always get picked up. 

In a creative house those things will get done. Just not necessarily first. In a creative house the priorities are different. Connection and creation are the priorities in a creative house. Everything else is secondary.

In a creative house it is understood your project will come before taking out the garbage. 

In a creative house connection between those living and visiting within it are paramount. As is connection with the supreme quiet of your eternal self. As is creation — creating — creating — creating  because that is what is done in a creative house. 

The laundry always finds its way to completion in a creative house. As do the dishes and cleaning. Because creative time energizes. You have more energy when you’ve given yourself over to life’s primary demand first  to create magnificently in your experience. 

Be it shared time or creative projects or your life’s work, the things that matter most are what’s supported in a creative house.

For you —

Evan Griffith
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