In the crevices, creative renewal

Jim Haug, a friend, wrote a wonderful overview of meditation. (Enjoy it here.)

There’s a bit in it about finding whatever space you can to let yourself subside, even if it’s in a restroom. 

There are nooks and crannies and crevices even in a busy day where you can alight for just a moment to renew. Be it in a car, a bathroom, a stairwell, around a corner, in a little used area, there’s always somewhere you can duck into for that moment of renewal.

What can you do in a minute or so?

  • Breathe, languorously
  • Ask a question of yourself  of your Self! — about something of importance
  • Daydream — it’s healthy, it’s good, it’s freeing, it’s energizing, it’s the fount of creative living

I’ve saved the world  my little world  more than once from a bathroom.

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