In crisis: Speak the awesome word

A couple of years back during the worst of the financial meltdown we couldn’t pay a couple of artists a big chunk of money we owed them, not right away. And we knew it might take a few years to get back to where we could.

Guess what one artist and her husband said in an email to us?

Don’t worry. We believe in you. 

Can you imagine how exalted you would make someone feel in a moment of crisis if you simply uttered those words I believe in you?

That’s the way we felt. Exalted even in the depths of misery. And, hell yeah, we were going to find a way. What a simple, affirmative yet profoundly inspiring way to build someone up.

I believe in you. I believe in your ability to summon the resources you need to find a way through this into triumphal living. I believe in you.

There’s no condemnation there, there’s no sinking into commiserating futility over the situation  those sentiments only push down.

When you’re in a dire situation, believe me, it all plays through your head. If you’re not befuddled by drink or alcohol then you are paying attention to the way experience unfolded for you more acutely than ever before. You are already heart wide open in anguish. Because you’ve been smashed into the ground your mind is already painfully alert to every little thing that got you there.

I believe in you lifts up.

I believe in you opens a portal to greatness.

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