In the era of expression: Significance not survival

77-year old MomJo doing stretches on a bridge.
She can still get that leg up on top of the railing.
Show off.

In the era of expression we look to significance and not survival to make our choices.

In the expression era it pays more to be you.

Who do we hear most about? The unique ones.

Who do we support? Those who expressify. The food trucker who puts her brand of silly crazy into what she offers.

Who do we get behind? The committed ones. The attorney who advocates for rescue animals.

In the expression era we talk about individualism but in reality we practice collaboratism.

There’s not one person alive in the modern world who does it alone. Even if you’re a loner and a rebel and a hermit swinging from handmade hemp vines in a Pacific Northwest rainforest, civilization has aided you by what you’ve brought with you.

In the era of expression we self-actualize through our relationships.

And they are many. With our work, our calling, our people, our interests, our sexuality, our colors (burnt orange mama!), our affiliations, our giving, our creations, our relationship to the vastness.

Have you noticed this? In the expression era a buoyant heart wins out.

You seek to be lifted up by the professionals you see. You want to be transported to Slightly Better Future You every time you partake in a transaction. You want to taste the sweet teat of happiness as you go about your day. You want to go your own way peacefully and you want that for others too. You want for others what you want for yourself. To thrive. To grow. To engage. To frolic. To consort. To thrive.

The expression era is all about thriving your own idiosyncratic way — while enjoying very cool connections with people you care about (who are thriving in their own sometimes maddening sometimes inspiring sometimes perplexing often winning ways).


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