In praise of the 10-Minute Burst

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A lot can get accomplished in 10 minutes. 

This morning, to entice my 13-year old into a high-energy clean up, I suggested a 10-Minute Burst. 

(The night before we’d made a boat bed: Pulling the two couches together; the three of us flopped inside with pillows and blankets to watch Ratatouille.)

In 10 minutes he picked up all his items strewn about the house, while I vacuumed like mad all around the boat bed. You know, where the couches used to be, cuz that’s where the vacuum cleaner hadn’t reached since the previous boat bed confab.

10 minutes get you pumped. It’s going to end soon. You’ve got to get a lot accomplished quickly. 

My god you get going. If you’d filmed us in real time it would have looked like fast motion video.

My son petered out at minute 9 and 1/2 . . . 

It was startling what we’d accomplished. When my wife came home she credited us with for working the entire time she was at the green market.

It’s true that I had given myself a second round. 

(Then I was done 🙂

But that’s the beauty of the 10-Minute Burst — it can always lead to another one.

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