In praise of pop-up experiences

The other day I was thinking how much pop-up experiences enhance our lives. I define a pop-up experience as an unexpected, one-time event that adds pop and punch to your day  even your life.

Examples can be found in these posts:

David’s happy birthday: When the universe throws you an abrazo

Doors open by themselves: Meeting a suburban bohemian

Three visions of perfection: Worldwide Plaza, Manhattan

“You’re my hero today!” I yelled

Think about it, these are the real enliveners, the things we can’t know will pop up. We know too heavily that work or taking out the garbage will come. Simply running into a fond acquaintance while on an errand perks our step up.

Just as good is when we are the pop-up experience for someone else. Leaving a (happy) note for someone. A light-hearted comment thrown out while in line at the grocery store. Scooting ahead to get that door for the woman laden down with packages and kids and an absent-minded mate.

Pop-up experiences by their very nature are spontaneous and free-flowing. 

Here’s my wish for you: May people and events pop up in your experience that add pop and punch and lightness to your day. And may you do the same for someone else. Bring pop (!) into the world.

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