The infectious explorer

You know that feeling of discovery — where it’s so new to you that you feel it must be new to others —
You yammer on incessantly about this new find. In your buzzing way you feel you can convey the magnitude of your experience by your exuberance.
Atlanta was like that for me once. After my first visit I’m running around exclaiming it’s virtues, reeling off its wonders, rhapsodizing its trees (does any City have more trees?!). Has anyone ever really tasted the elixer of Atlanta? Has anyone really sampled Atlanta’s secret sauce?
Umm, dude, millions — who live there! Ma-zillions more who’ve visited.
Peggy Mostad is this way. She is new to the path and — when you speak with her — she makes it new for you too.
Even if you’ve lived Atlanta for awhile, someone new to its charms is the best guide there is.
She explores your haunts with an exuberance you no longer muster. Like your town when you’ve lived there for years — a visitor, someone new to the terrain, can not be matched for helping you fall for its allure all over again.
It’s the same with the path you’ve traveled. Peg makes you fall in love all over again with the spirited, spiritual path. Such is the passion of those new to it.
The trail she’s bushwhacking for herself has taken her to different places than you or I might go. That’s the charge and challenge of exploration — to do it your way. Her trail has led her to places meaningful to her: to Brian Reekers who delivers angelic messages; to Angela from Dream Angels; to the Kula Yoga Shala . . . other places too I’m sure, but these are the ones that light her up when she speaks.
Thanks Peg, for your open eyes, your pounding heart, your near breathless excitement — such is your thrill for discovery that you elicit that same intensity from even those who’ve trod the path some distance.
You invite the rest of us to join in and gaze again with fresh eyes . . . .
You zesty one, you spur renewed zest for the exploration in the rest of us. Dart down that path! Report back!

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