Infinito and me: Nicknaming Spirit-Source-Godweh-All

There’s a new nickname in town: Infinito.

Here’s how to say it: Start with finito the way it’s pronounced in Spanish, and then add an in in front. In + finito.

It came about this way. From time to time when I’m writing to my highest power, I will address it in this manner: Infinite One.

Infinite One, expand in me today . . . let’s flow some crazy good into the day . . .

It’s a way of hinging Duality and Oneness together in one comprehensive term. I like that One also signifies a lifeforce in human terms. The way we might say Dear One or she’s the one over there with the yellow thingy around her wrist. 

For me Infinite One is vast and endearing, all and singular, inexpressable and personal.

Infinite One became Infinito in a spasm of playfulness. I was writing it down, my dream, when I wanted to get jiggy with my vision. Infinito was born there in play mode.

Do you experience this also? Wanting different names for God for different purposes?

I like using different terms for my Source depending upon where I am, and a playful Spirit fully immersed in the play of creation with me is something I want to access often as I tool through life. So Infinito is here to stay.

When I’m laughing with others: Yes, Infinito, yes! 

When I’m loosey goosey creating and in the flow: I’ll take more of that Infinito!

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