Info-infinity: When information is infinite

For some time I’ve known that information grows faster than I can absorb. No one can, though there are many who will tell you with certainty what it’s all about, life, death, the hereafter or the non-hereafter . . . .

My feeling is this, until you can tell me with exactitude what will happen Tuesday, it’s all theory still.

Now comes a scientist who suggests that science itself — that quest for knowledge — is as infinite as . . . infinity.

It’s a relief really. There will always be more than we can know, and far more than we can absorb. This means — again — that it is up to us to create meaning from our experience. 

We are all experientialists, forming our point of view from what we’ve lived. Our experience encompasses our totality: all we’ve experienced in action, thought and feeling. Much of that has been influenced by the actions and thoughts of others. 

From this experience we craft our take on the All. 

It’s beautiful to gather an infinitesimal droplet of the universal flux within our body-minds, within our experience . . . and to suspect the whole. 

You can’t quite grasp the Mystery, you can only grok it. You can only experience aspects — parts and particles and possibilities. For all of our knowledge, it’s elusive yet. 

The Mystery will ever remain. It’s beautiful, behold it.


When the same answer keeps coming, listen
Paraphrasing Socrates: It is the engaged life that is worth living