Inspiration within reach

When I sorely need to grow in some area, a favorite form of inspiration is finding its exemplar in someone within reach.

Inevitably there is someone within my greater sphere of connection who already lives the quality I seek, lives it larger/deeper than I do.
The fact the example I’m seeking is a living, breathing person with whom I’m familiar  rather than some impossibly idealized version from afar  means that I can relate. It makes it feel all the more doable.
From there it’s easier  sort of 
It’s like walking in someone’s mental steps  though of course I still must do my own walking.
I observe  I pepper with questions as needed  then take my own first feeble steps in that direction . . . .

Your experience goes supernova once you begin drawing inspiration from those who surround you. Your life becomes rich, wherever you turn there it is, illumination.

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