Interview thyself

Lordy Mama life has gotten complex (again).

Are you like this? You take on too much, your filters get clogged, your systems break down . . . you enter a fog of neural bombardment.

This happens to me periodically. It’s happening right now. I’m not keeping up with what I consider essential. I’m awash in unattended soft priorities . . .

I know only one thing to do each time this happens. I go to ground. I have to get silent for a lengthy period of time . . . with all my notes and obligations and tasks and goals surrounding me.

And I sift.

I sift and rethink.

What really is essential?

Am I living my vision? Am I living what is most meaningful?

What must I tweak? What must I change? What am I willing to do differently or not at all?

I ask myself questions like these and write down answers. Sitting in extended silence draws out what is essential to a life. Writing down the questions and the possible solutions clarifies my way forward.

If you too are experiencing a similar overtaxing of the mind and spirit, schedule a morning with yourself. Or an afternoon or evening.

No distractions. Certainly no digital companions chirping away at you.

Get a pad and paper. And ask yourself questions. Interview yourself! At length. Take time to sift. Allow space for unexpected responses to emerge.

Be frolicsome.

Be serious.

Be you.

If you take this time I guarantee you will uncover the You you most want to be. And you will find renewal. The steps along a better path will suggest themselves.

After this, what?

Rejoin the fray. Jump back into the adventure. It’s yours, live it your way.


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