Interviewing your heroes: Holly Briscoe edition

My God you’ve got to try this! Try interviewing your heroes. I just did that today for the first time. Bypass the people you don’t know who you think are your heroes and go straight to people you’ve met who are heroes to you.

My brother has long had the practice of calling up inspirational people in his area and taking them to lunch. It’s a means of getting to know a bit about them in a relaxed setting. I’ve adopted this practice for The World Is Freaky Beautiful blogsite (that link links back to this very webpage — is that a call for help, or just geeky fun?). In my case I’ve been interviewing individuals who seem like they might have special personal-spiritual exploration stories to share. 

As a quick aside, I’m convinced everyone has more than one story to tell. I’ve mentioned this to Ann (my lover woman wife), if you sat me down with ten people I’d come away with a hundred stories. We’re filled with them, even if we don’t acknowledge it ourselves.

Recently I decided to also interview my heroes — the ones I’ve met along the way who’ve inspired me. Today was the first outing for that series. I had a chance to sit down and chat with Holly Briscoe, the woman — woman? Nay, the immortal! — who inspired me to a life passion for yoga.

You know you’ve got it bad when . . . 

You know yoga’s got you by the toe hairs when you’re doing your practice in a $25-a-night room in a Santa Rosa, New Mexico motel . . . in below-freezing temperatures, the heater only performing intermittently, on a rug so barren and nasty each accidental move off the mat sends you into squeamish contortions . . . ah, yes, yoga for life, anywhere, everywhere, wherever you’re at. Holly inspired that kind of craziness.

Nothing in that interview with Holly will be shared today, that will come in future posts. This is the important part — it was a thrill chill to do it. You too have heroes who’ve been a part of your life. You too can inspire yourself by interviewing someone inspirational to you. You too can float on a cirrus cloud of a mental high for the day.

As with everything, that contagion of glee will spread to others. That joy will squirt out like air from an untethered happy balloon.

A final note, more of a request than a plea:
See Holly, train with Holly

If you’re in Palm Beach County, you’ve got to get yourself to one of Holly’s classes. If you’re elsewhere, you’re gonna have to get yourself on a plane and book a session with her. She’s that goood. She’s so good she gets three ooos. That’s the top good rating you can get for goodness, just so you know.

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