It’s easier than ever to follow the signs


It’s easier than ever to put a question out there and get answers.

If it’s a meaningful personal yearning, don’t google it. Just ask it. And then be attentive.

One of my favorites is how DavidPaul Doyle would center himself each morning, ask a question, then go about his day.

Inevitably he would hear the answer! From someone in his day. It might be a snippet of conversation overheard. It might be a phrase someone uttered while talking to him about something unrelated. It could even be from the radio, TV, a song playing in the background while driving or some other source . . . . but answers would come.

I get a kick out of soul nudges — messages that pop up throughout my meanderings — subtle communications that infuse positivity. They often act as a reminder — you know, to settle down and abide in the general well being that pervades most moments.

These messages speak to my better self. They coax me back to sanity when my mind is scampering amok.

Like the above bumper sticker.

Or when I looked for signs of love on the road . . .

They’re everywhere, these signals to your highest best you.



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