It’s always best to start passion projects in the face of doom

I started this blog site last year, around the same time I thought we might be forced out of business . . . within a couple of months . . . .

I even planned a Possibly Going Out of Business Sale, but was talked out of it by a wise one (you, Kelly).

Things looked grimmer than grim several years into the Great Recession.

So what better time than then to begin a blog site celebrating personal and spiritual exploration. It was a refusal to be cowed by the (seemingly) monumental forces arrayed against us.

It was a flick of the finger at one possible fate.

It was also a built-in way to revel in the awe . . . of a magnificent world not often enough noticed.

It was many things entwined in one project — 

a way to remind myself of the good 

a way to chisel into stone for myself what I said I believed and hence to live it 

a way to share with others their own brilliance

— that wit and wisdom I saw displayed by those around me as they too navigated their way through the wreckage of the economy.

We own an art gallery — so I know many small business people and a great number of artists. Both were dealt a body blow in the economic fallout. 

No matter where I turned I was witness to the turmoil. In retrospect there was only one place to turn, to the inner sphere, for clarity, for inspiration, for cussed determination, for uplift.  

So here we are now, still standing, no guarantees we’ll be in business another six months, but we’re here when we shouldn’t have been. 

If a financial news program had reviewed our situation they would have said we were already dead and hadn’t realized it. The morgue would have been alerted. Ambulances called.

But here we are! Still upright. Still breathing. Still doing the lambada — figuratively — as we plot the King of All Comebacks (The lambada: sexy South American dance song, referenced cuz I looove my wife like that, even if I can’t do the moves).

It’s always best to start passion projects in the face of doom (!).


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