It’s a good day to live

Artwork by David Langley

Do you recall that phrase Crazy Horse, leader of the Sioux, shouted when heading into battle? It’s a good day to die!

In our times, an inversion of that sentiment is in order. 

It’s a good day to live. 

It’s a good thing to remind ourselves as we gird up for the modern day. So very little of it, if any, is life or death. There are so many spaces to live la vida luminous, even in a busy day. 

There are the smiles you smile to strangers, the letting in of some frenzied driver into your lane, the moment you can take to connect with someone — to laugh, to listen, to share a little something, even if it’s what you saw on Modern Family

You’ve got spaces in your day for playfulness, banter and camaraderie. You’ve got places you’re going where bringing your upbeating heart will leave some kind of sublime pixie dust in your wake. 

There are so many momentitos where you can let your inner shine peep through.

It is a good day to live. Declaring it helps make it so —

Declare it a-toileting, in the shower, in your car. Declare it as you set off into your day:

It’s a good day to live ———————

Then go live it.

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