It’s mine until it’s yours

In a conversation with chef and woodworker Dave Beck, he described his mantra:

It’s mine until it’s yours.

Meaning —

While he’s creating a piece of furniture he can work it in any direction he sees fit to the best of his ability. He can craft a woodworking project to his aesthetic ideal without constraining himself to others’ expectations — if he wants.

After that, it’s yours — the recipient’s, the purchaser’s.

At that point it no longer belongs to Dave. The person in possession of the meal or the furniture can do as they wish. He’s no longer part of the equation. His work is done. He’s released it into the world — and what the world does with it is not his concern….

They can shorten the legs, remove slats, augment or adorn.

If a meal, they can oversalt it or kill off every ounce of nuance with sriracha.

(That’s a thing now. I’ve witnessed the murder of many a meal in this manner before even a bite’s been taken.)

His concern is to create and release. After that, it’s yours. Do with it what you will.

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