It’s not failure, it’s R&D

I have a good friend, a muy bueno friend, the artist-sculptor David Langley. He’s always trying new processes, new art forms. He’s worked in metal, in wood, in paint, in clay, in found objects, in glass, and in some plastic-y/foamy compound too complex (for this simple mind) to describe.

He’s as restless and ADD in his art as he is relaxed and grounded in person. 

Here’s what I just love about David. When something doesn’t work he never pronounces it a failure. Instead he’ll say: “I guess that was R&D.”

He said the same thing to my wife when a new painting path she was on seemed to be petering out. 

“Hey, don’t sweat it, it’s just R&D.”

As in Research and Development. As in it will lead you somewhere meaningful eventually.

For David, as an artist, everything is research and development. He can’t grow and create without researching, without developing.

You too, in the art of your life.

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